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Camping With Kids Checklist

We went camping a few weeks ago with some friends and all of us had two or more children! Some had never been camping before and asked what they should bring. I realized I had never made a packing list for us! So I decided to make one! I figured it would be helpful for future trips.

This camping checklist is specific for camping with kids! We have a 3 year old (Lucy) and an 18 month old (Ronny). Here are some things that we’ve learned:

Sleeping Situations: Bring the pack n play! I personally prefer to bring the pack n play for Ronny. Last time we tried a sleeping pad next to Lucy and it just took forever for him to fall asleep. So I would definitely recommend a Pack n Play for kiddos who are still sleeping in a crib. Also they have these black out pods that I’ve heard many good things about. This is on my list to buy! They’re a little pricey but they would be super worth it if you plan to travel or camp often. Parker and I were on an air mattress and Lucy was on a pad with her sleeping bag. And lastly, bring a portable sound machine! This drowns out any outside noise and it’s what we use at home so it’s familiar to them. We like to stay up after the kids go to bed and play games so the sound machine helps us be able to do that without waking up the kids!

Sunscreen/Bug Spray: Bring sunscreen and hats too if your littles will wear them! This is something I almost always forget! You’re going to be outside the whole time and depending on the time of year there may be lots of bugs! Here is the bug spray we use for the kids. I like it because it’s natural and safe.

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Camping with kids is a lot of work but we always leave feeling grateful! There is something special about camping – disconnecting and being out in nature. The kids love exploring and getting dirty. I love creating these experiences for them and creating these memories as a family!

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