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Ronny’s Bear-y First Birthday

I like to throw a party for the kids’ first birthdays! It’s so fun to plan everything out and I just love celebrating their first year of life. We also celebrate that we as parents survived that first year haha.

I can’t believe Ronny has only been in our lives for one year. It feels like so much longer than that – in a good way! I just can’t imagine our lives with out him. We love his sweet laugh and awesome dance moves. He’s just the best.

These were the invitations! And here is the Etsy link for them! They are an instant download and were super easy to edit. We ended sending these invitations to everyone through text! It’s just so much easier that way. You don’t have to collect addresses or buy envelopes or stamps!

Pretty much everything we did for the party was homemade! It turned into a fun project for me and made everything much cheaper.

We made cardboard binoculars for each of the kids. I’ve linked the blog post on how to make them!

I made a bear sack lunches for the kids. I’ve linked the blog post on how to make them!

We had each kid pack their own lunch! There were grapes, apple sauce pouches, juice boxes, pb&j sandwiches and teddy grahams!

We used this bear cookie cutter for the sandwiches!

Then we had everyone hang out and play in the backyard! It was so fun to see the kids all getting along and playing outside together. It made my heart so happy. We are lucky to have the friends that we do!

Link to the Teepee

I made a super easy backdrop for Ronny’s “cake smashing”! I hung string across the porch and used clothes pins to hold the blanket. The blanket was $5 from the target dollar spot section and so cute!!

In classic Ronny fashion, he started cautiously by poking the cake. He slowly became more comfortable and started grabbing it. And then ate it and loved it haha.

Here is another awesome Etsy find! We ordered a coloring page table runner. This shop is amazing. They have so many different party themes to chose from. We picked the camping theme in the 4ft option. We are definitely going to be ordering again for future birthday parties!

Those are all of the party details! I hope this helps you with planning your kids’ future birthday parties! I’m a huge birthday person and celebrating is important to me. However you choose to party it up, I hope you have fun with it!

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